Final diagram elevations plan.jpg



Project: Footbridge

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Date: 2014

Architect: SPANS associates / Yamac Korfali

Type: Footbridge

Span: 30m

Stage: Competition

Liverpool footbridge will be a landmark structure, and provide an attractive gateway to the town.

With this proposal “The Red Ribbon” brings  excitement with aesthetics and function purpose.

It is a cluster of woven metal structure into the platform which spans 30 meter.

Visually it will create an ambiguity, like a fog above the river, which tries to imitate the complexity of the grass on east side of the canal.

The bridge is accessible via ramps and steps on both sides of the canal.

The structure has a visual complexity. But it is rationalized by geometry and has a clear structural behavior. 

The main span structure is a simply supported 3D beam. The longitudinal bottom member is a composite deck structure. The lateral beams are standard H profiles. They are under covered by sheet of metal as to keep a fluid visual line.

The top members are a succession of longitudinal tubes, connected to a series of transversal main extruded profiles. A series of secondary arches between the main one are acting as secondary stiffener elements. The minimum distance between the transversal structure is 11 cm as to respect a safety walk. The transversal profiles are enveloping the pedestrian path. The horizontal stability is given by the fully braced composite structure.