Architecture and Structure Atelier, Berlin, Germany



Our expertise and collaborations include the design of artworks, (foot)bridges, permanent buildings, temporary structures, furniture and installations.

We work independently as Architect and Engineer.

We collaborate with Artists on specific agendas.


Design Services


Concepts and research

  • HOAI LP 1-3 , Germany

  • Stage A to C,  UK RIBA

  • Stage Concept-APS French system, loi MOP


  • Context

  • Preparation

  • Site constraints and site analysis

  • Basis of structural design and assumptions

  • Artistic and architectural design concepts

  • Structural study concepts

  • Material research

  • Overall design options

  • Structural design options and systems

  • Cost estimation


Design development

  • HOAI LP 4-5, Germany

  • Stage D-E, UK RIBA

  • Stage Concept-APD French system, loi MOP


  • Design Development

  • Technical design

  • Approval planning

  • Artistic and architectural design development, form developments.

  • Geometry definition and geometry statement report.

  • Structural models and Form finding

  • Outline of structural design (material definition / member sizes)

  • Outline and performance specifications.

  • Constructability aspects and construction sequence scenario


Delivery and construction

For small and medium size projects, SPANS associates has the expertise to deliver all stages up to construction information.


According to the scale of the projects, we collaborate with other delivery architects and engineers in order to document and build each project in the local context.