Project: Olympic Tower

Location: Paris, France

Date: 2004

Architect: H20 Architects

Engineer/ Structural concept:

Nicolas Sterling

Type: Viewing platform/ Pavilion

Height: 30m

Stage: Competition



A “Belvedere” for the city and the Olympic site

The project competition aimed at creating a viewpoint for the potential Olympic site in Paris around Batignoles to give the chance for public and communities to have an overview of the area. Part of the brief, the Olympic committee was to use the project to review the candidate cities for the 2012 Olympic games.


A continuous looping experience inside the structure

The project is created by modules easy to transport and combined as a temporary installation. All modules assembled together form 3 legs stabilising each other and merging into a single tube as a top belvedere. The vertical circulation is a movement through the girder structure.